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Dieter Rams - A light Vim color scheme based on Dieter Rams colours

Inspired by this post:

Look & Feel

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vim-dieter-rams works in GUI/true-color terminals, as well as 256-color terminals:

Dieter Rams Vim color scheme


Install as you would any other vim package. For example, using Vim's built-in plugin management, put the vim-dieter-rams directory in the ~/.vim/pack/bundle/start/ directory.

You can also install it as any other colour scheme by placing the contents of vim-dieter-rams/colors into your ~/.vim/colors/ folder.


Add the following line to your vimrc or init.vim:

colorscheme dieter-rams

Note that to get the most accurate colours, it's best to use the setting "termguicolors" in your vimrc or init.vim:

set termguicolors