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A small chromium extension to make highlighting pages on the fly easier.

Designed to allow you to mark up a page with highlights then print it to PDF, instead of needing to print to PDF first and then highlight in your PDF reader.


Select some text, then press Alt+H and the text will be highlighted yellow.

Right now, you can only highlight within a block of text. If you try to highlight across two paragraphs or similar, things will break and not look good.

Also, you can't remove highlights yet, I still have to figure that one out too.


Go to chrome://extensions, enable "Developer mode" (the toggle is in the top right), click "Load unpacked" and select this project's folder.

If you make some changes, note that sometimes Chrome is dumb and doesn't reload everything about the extension when you click the reload button. In this case you just have to remove and re-add the extension if the changes you made aren't working right.