My attempt to learn at least a little bit of Clojure each day in December.
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In which I attempt to learn at least a little bit of Clojure with the end goal of writing a text editor, even if it's just about one standard library data structure, each day of December.


Installed Clojure and followed the Clojure Syntax Learning Guide.


Continued following the Clojure Guide with Functions.


Finished up with Functions in Clojure and moved on to Sequential and Hashed collections.


Moved onto learning Clojure Flow Control and Namespaces which finishes off learning the basics of Clojure.


Installed leiningen which is apparently Clojure's version of pip, npm, etc. Created a new project which uses Seesaw and made a basic program that spawns a window that lets you type text in.


Added a menu bar with some basic actions (File -> [New, Open, Save, Quit]), (Edit -> [Copy, Cut, Paste]), and (Help -> [About]) to the text editor.


Improved the save features of the text editor: added a Save As and made the New option make an entirely new file, instead of just blanking the text area. Also added some labels for the current file and some feedback when a file was saved, opened, etc.


Played around with trying to get a line count side-bar thing (like vim's numbers).


Made progress on the line count functionality, decided that it was not really possible or would be too awkward with (how I understand this) GUI framework. What kind of text editor needs a line count anyways?